When last we met, I was wrestling with Monkey Farts. I’m happy to say that the yarn which was substituted worked superbly and resulted in this FO. You’ll have to excuse the craptactular photography, but there’s a wicked thunderstorm going on and I have one hell of a migraine. With the pain shooting through my head at the moment, it’s amazing I can even see enough to type this.

Pattern: Trinity Shawlette
Yarn: The Woolen Rabbit – Harmony
Colourway: Mystic Mountain Pine
Needles: 4mm

I loved both the yarn and the pattern – a quick knit for sure.

Now on the needles is

Argus (Ravelry link)

I joined a Ravelry group which is getting me in all kinds of trouble, yet saving me at the same time. It’s for small shawls – perfect to use up my rather prodigious stash of
sock yarn. Most shawls are around 400 yards, which is just perfect.

This is definitely the summer of lace for me – many more waiting to be cast on and jostling for position in my queue.

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4 thoughts on “Lace Love-In

  1. Beautiful. and speedy. looks fabulous.

    I had a peek at that group! I am gonna get lost for days there! Did you queue your favs? maybe I will go check your favs and queue.

    hope this weather lets up so you can feel better. hugs and sympathy.

  2. Of course I queued them! It’s a great group and you can whip these off in about a week – instant presents!

  3. You’re amazing! I’ve finally finished my lace shawl as inspired by you lace freaks.

    It’s not so bad for almost 3 years of work…

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