Knitting Red Card

I’m starting to think I’ve really ticked off the Knitting Gods. Yesterday I had the equivalent of a yellow card in soccer. I’d decreased on the wrong side of the cable and had to frog 8″ of the front of my sweater. I was so ticked I didn’t take a picture.

So, I frogged it while watching Edmonton Oilers win game 6 of the Stanley Cup Final. Now my attention was not entirely on the knitting, so is it any wonder….

I discovered tonight that the 8″ I’d re-knit started with me crossing the cable the wrong way. A definite Red Card!

So, I frogged 8″ again and have put this sweater away for the night. Apparently I was not meant to knit it today! I should have known better – the heat and humidity is killing my head. I suffer from barometric shift migraines and I’ve been fighting this one for two days.

I also noticed today that Clancy was shedding clumps everywhere. Poor baby – can’t be nice in 40 degree weather with a fur coat. So, with much trepidation I decided to give her a bath. She’s only 1.5 years and has never had a bath before. She was actually pretty good – she tried to jump out a few times, but never scratched or hissed. I told DH that I was right after all. She is a 8 lb cat with 4 lbs of fur! Much of the loose fur is coming off now that she’s drying off.

My last cat used to follow baths with copious amounts of hairballs, but I think Clancy is too young yet – it hasn’t built up in her system. She got lots of lovin’ and treats and much to my relief didn’t decide that I am devil incarnate

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