I need to take vacation more often

I was on vacation this last week and because DH and I never get time off at the same time, it was my opportunity to make some progress on my Christmas knitting.

As Melinda pointed out, I had found a reality-bending calendar that told me I had much more knitting time than I actually had.

So, once I finished throwing my temper tantrum and drinking a vat of wine, I kicked it into high gear and managed to finish and block most of my presents this year.

First off: Clapotis Scarf
Yarn: Indigo Moon Superwash Merino
Colourway: Rhapsody
Purchased at: The Purple Purl

Drop Scarf
– 47 stitches wide

Pattern: Column ofLeaves
Yarn: Malabrigo Silky (purchased at The Purple Purl)
Colourway: indiecita 416
Purchased at: The Purple Purl

And finally the Pink Thing
Pattern: Mead Scarf
Yarn: Cottage Craft Angora
Purchased at: The Purple Purl

My biggest accomplishment was Icarus. Blocking it required extra pads to be put
on the queen sized bed – it was that big!
Pattern: Icarus
Yarn: Kauni 8/2
Colour: WEF
Purchased at: The Needle Emporium

I only have to crochet a teddyghan and knit about 1/3 more of a scarf and then
all my Christmas presents are done.

Bring it on!

(minus the cold weather and the snow of course)

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2 thoughts on “I need to take vacation more often

  1. Good on ya! I’m doing so much knitting for my wedding that I’m not doing any Christmas knitting at all this year. Just as well, since I still have Christmas knitting from last year to finish! ugh.

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