I taught myself to do two-handed fair isle this week. It became a bit of an obsession really. I had trouble working on a circular so I went “old school” and used about 8 dpn’s. I also did a smaller size needle (accidently) than it called for on the main body of the hat but I think it turned out great!

Pattern: Three Tams (C)
Yarn: Noro Silk Garden and Mission Falls
Needle 3.5mm

It hurt my hands badly to do this so I don’t see a lot of this type of knitting in the future, but I now can say with confidence that “I can do Fair Isle”.

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6 thoughts on “I Can Haz Colour!

  1. Sherri,

    You should be very proud! Great job!!

    Many years ago I floated past Fair Isle (in the North Sea) on a big ship. It is this tiny island, but what a world-wide reputation.

    With regards to the complexity of your project, all I can say is “better you than me”, ha ha. Very nice work Sherri.


  2. Sherri,

    I cannot believe you have already finished the tam… it was only mere days ago when a pile of delicious yarn was lying on the table waiting to be knit up! Love it!

  3. I used to love knitting Fair Isle patterns. And Nordic sweaters. There’s such a feeling of accomplishment when you’re done. Good job! It’s lovely.
    PS I think I saw Sturla’s sweater in a magazine. I saved it for you 😀

  4. Hurray! I’m glad you did it.

    Your hands might have been feeling strain from the gauge; Is this regular SG and MF? 3.5mm might have been snug. Often with fair isle the approach is to go up a needle size higher than normal to produce the same gauge you would have with regular stockinette.

    Unless of course you are a very loose knitter anyway, in which case, don’t mind me 😉

    Yay fair isle!

  5. You have inspired me.
    Maybe we’ll go to Purple Purl this weekend,and select a yarn for me.

    This hat is truly beautiful and looks really good on you.

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