I’ve been really lazy lately. I’ve had tons of things going on every weekend and by the time they’re over, I’ve had no energy to blog!

So I’ll be even lazier and just give you a link to the pictures from the Royal Winter Fair rather than include them all here. I’d never been before so last weekend my friend Kay and I went on an adventure. There were spinning contents, fleece auctions, and more sheep than you can shake a stick at. I have no idea what most of them are, but they were noisy and cute! I still think it’s a bit too much effort for me – I’m a roving gal I suspect. But it’s still great fun to watch the auction.

This week it got cold. So being the Queen of Denial, I cast on for a scarf I was sure would take a couple of days. Clearly I am delusional. That and The Knitting Gods Hate Me. I have done much to anger them and am trying sacrifices of wine to appease them. I suspect it is because I’m on a bit of a stashbusting challenge and they are not accustomed to this “recycling” thing.

I have frogged this scarf six times. Six times. One for every bleeping row in the repeat.

Here is the progress to date. Look quickly for it is likely to get frogged again.

Pattern: Laurie Scarf
Yarn: Moda Dea Washable Wool
Needle 4.5mm

I also managed to use up 200g of superwash merino roving from Black Lamb. This is luscious stuff and I wanted the end result to be light and fluffy. I haven’t managed the WPIs yet but it’s at least a worsted if not thicker.

It is light and fluffy as air – this isn’t really a good picture of it but it was very bright out today and my camera went into seizures trying to get one. I did this long draw, and although I need a lot more practice at it, I am very pleased with the loftiness of the yarn.

I am also almost done my last (I SWEAR) Christmas present. It is mind numbing knitting (all stocking stitch) so I can only work on it in small bits or I fall asleep. I will post that picture once Christmas is over in case the recipient happens to visit the blog.

Button up kids – get your knitting done – it’s going to get cold this week! Since it is easier to go buy new ones than find where I left mine after last year’s disaster of a winter, I’m off to buy boots tomorrow.

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  1. That is a lovely scarf. Well worth the efforts. The knitting gods will be on your side soon. I know it. They’ll just have to accept your stashbusting. 🙂

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