Oh My Stars, please tell me we’re not repeating last year!

There is about 30 cm of snow out there from three back to back storms, and although today is the first day of winter, I’ve already had enough. It’s going to be a long time until April at this rate.

I did use the weather as an excuse and barricaded myself in for the weekend. My Christmas shopping is done, just wrapping to be done. I don’t like wrapping and do a half assed job at it. I’m all about the bags….no skill required.

I also took the time to get acquainted with my newest addition.

Introducing Lucille.

The package

How does this go together?

The last piece

Ready to hit the road!

The specs:

Louet Victoria
Beech finish
Weight 6.5 lbs

This one became named Lucille because of BB King and his relationship with his guitar. I read this interview with him where he talked about Lucille and this reminded me of my relationship with my wheels

“It seems that it loves to be petted and played with. There’s also a
certain way you hold it, the certain noises it makes, the way it
excites me … and Lucille don’t want to play anything but the blues …
Lucille is real, when I play her it’s almost like hearing words, and of
course, naturally I hear cries. I’d be playing sometimes and as I’d
play, it seems like it almost has a conversation with me. It tells you
something. It communicates with me … ”

So, her name was obvious to me – I have a lot of long involved
conversations with my wheel – sometimes we agree, sometimes we don’t.
But it’s always an interesting conversation.

I spend a lot of time traveling to The Purple Purl, so it was important to me that I have a portable wheel that I could take out in all weather, not just when it was bright and shiny (and no evidence of snow).

I love Lilith (my Little Gem), but despite what they say, she is not all that portable. She weighs almost 10 lbs before I put her in the suitcase. I have a rolling suitcase for her because of the need to travel on the TTC. It’s not easy to navigate the journey, so I did a lot of research into alternative wheels. I settled on the Victoria after trying my spinning-sensei’s wheel.

I’ve spun up three skeins on Lucille already and the first two were, well, as stilted as a conversation on a blind date. The last one I just finished was much smoother – like old friends catching up with each other. Pics to follow once it’s dry.

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  1. Congrats on the new acquisition – may Lucille be with you for along time. Take care and have a great Christmas

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