Deja Vu All Over Again.

One of my favourite sweaters is a cabled one that is in a book by  Jane Snedden Peever (A good Canadian gal). I get a lot of compliments on it and truly (and not even with an attempt at humility) they are deserved.

I wore this sweater so much that I plumb wore it out.

It was time for a replacement but nothing was really leaping off the shelves at me. Then I went to The Purple Purl today. I swear Jennifer and Miko have secret spies following me and watching me shop. They manage every time to come up with the perfect yarn for me.

This time it’s Fibranatura Oak. I am not even going to pretend that it “followed me home”. Nope I grabbed it as soon as I could get my greedy little fingers on it. 15 balls of it baby!


1.76 oz/50g
175 yards/160 meters
60% superwash merino wool
20% linen
20% silk
colour: 40204 sage
dyelot 9047

Now the sweater calls for Lambspride Superwash. That is a definite worsted, where this one is more to the thinner side – more of a dk-ish weight. I decided that if I made a larger size with a smaller hook, all would be right in the universe.

So far so good.

This really is the closest in colour (I hate the way digital cameras change colours on you)


In a few short hours I was able to get quite a bit done. The last time I crocheted the sweater it took around 3 weeks. I hope to have it done faster but with the workload in my “real” job and needing to take it more carefully on my hands these days, it may be more.

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  1. glad to be of help! I love the colour. and no we don’t spy …but your name may have come up in a conversation or two with distributors…something like…”Sherri is gonna flip over this teeheee”


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