Back to Christmas Presents

Next week it’s officially May. That means only 8 months until Christmas. Normal people do not have a problem with this timeline. Those of us that handcraft gifts are already in a panic. I had originally started this afghan for someone in my family, but after the first square, decided the colours were wrong soRead more

Sweater Update

I was away on a crochet retreat last weekend. In between projects, I managed to squeeze in some work on my sweater. I now have the first repeat of the pattern done. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that the back of the sweater has the same patterning as the front. I had assumed thatRead more

Dusting off my needles

I haven’t been knitting for a while because it bothers my tendonitis. I’m going to try again though. I bought some Patons Aran yarn and am casting on even as we speak. I’ve always wanted to make the sweater on the cover of The Family Collection by Debbie Bliss. I don’t know why knitting hurtsRead more

YoYo Shawl Done!

I finished the YoYo shawl tonight – it’s soaking in Eucalan at the moment (since it’s wool) and then I’ll block it. Thanks so much for all of your kind words. Run, don’t walk and go buy some YoYo! Many people have asked me where to buy this yarn. I don’t get any commissions, butRead more