I can’t even blame the drugs!

Last night I had to rip out 8 rows x 200 stitches on a cabled sweater because I had crossed one of the cables the wrong way. I tried to drop down stitches to fix it but it became an unholy mess and I decided to just frog instead. I would have taken pictures but I couldn’t focus the camera through the tears...sniff.

Today I had to go to the dentist because my tooth was hurting so much I couldn’t brush my teeth. The end result? Tomorrow @ 3 I have an emergency root canal scheduled. I had to squeeze this one in because we’re leaving for Halifax on Sunday and there is no way I want to be trying to find a dentist en route.

The bright side is I got some wonderful Tylenol 3 with codeine

The bad side is I got it after the crossed cable incident so I have to blame that on my Little Brain. Oh and trying to cable at the Purl. I have to take Very Simple Knitting there…it’s kinda like Don’t Drink and Drive. For me it’s don’t Purl and Cable.

We’ll see how my knitting progresses. I’m a bit loopy (lurv that Tylenol) but because of it I’m probably knitting more carefully than ever.

1 thought on “I can’t even blame the drugs!

  1. It was the tooth bothering you from far. Complicated patterns need a level of concentration that a major tooth problem interferes with. Work on something simple for a bit. ((((Sherri))))

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