On a Wink and a Wave

I went to my dad’s on the long weekend because my aunt was turning 80. So I took the train down to Ingersoll on Friday morning (2 hr ride followed by 45 minute drive home). Half way there, I realized I’d left my ID in Toronto. Not normally a problem, except this time our destinationRead more

Happy Mother’s Day

It’s difficult for me to include the word Happy in the title. For those who still have their mother, I’m glad, but a little jealous. I lost my mom in February 2003 to a sudden heart attack. I never got to say goodbye or tell her that I loved her, and that haunts me toRead more

I Have a New Baby

I’m pleased to say that I’ve welcomed a brand new (8 weeks old!) kitten into my life. Her name is Clancy (named after King Clancy – Toronto Maple Leafs great) and she’s just as cute as a button (always wondered…just how cute is that?). It’s only been two weeks since I lost my beloved Reiley,Read more

Saying hello to old friends

While tossing my stash around this weekend preparing for the sale next week, I came across an old friend that I hadn’t seen in a while. This is what the finished piece will look like (who knows when I’ll get here though!) I started this piece over 5 years ago and put it away whenRead more

I lost my best friend

This was a horrible weekend for me. My beloved cat Reiley passed away on Sunday. She was breathing strangely on Saturday and I rushed her to the vet. She was diagnosed with cancer and her lungs were congested. She didn’t have any chance of survival. I brought her home so that I could comfort herRead more