Wonderful Weekend of Wine Women and Wool

I was away this weekend in Kingston, spending it with two of my best friends. Every year, Peggy, Janette and I get together for our weekend of Wine (or Whine depending on the topic) Women and Wool. I ate too much, crocheted too much (my hands still hurt!) and definately shopped too much!

Janette works at WoolTyme in Kingston, so that’s where much of the damage is. We had so much fun that this year I had a dream that was eerily similar to the Nutcracker Suite, but it involved Sheep chasing me through the store. I won a door prize of a wonderful Knitting stitch guide – you can never have enough of these!

Thanks to store owner Anne for hosting such a wonderful event. I even schlepped my shawl and a Tunisian jacket by my friend Julia over to the store for a show and share. Toronto Hookups Crochet Guild did a comfortghan for Peggy as she recently lost her brother.

My cat Clancy helped me assemble the squares

While in Kingston, I taught Peggy and Janette how to do entrelac crochet. This of course necessitated a trip to Walmart so that I could buy the appropriate yarn to make my own ghan. Good thing I had the expandable suitcase – I ended up cramming 20 balls of yarn into it – in addition to everything else I’d taken! Here’s a picture of where I am to date on my ghan. Special thanks to my friend Kerry for teaching this technique at a recent getaway.

It’s going to take a LONG TIME to finish this – we’ll see how my attention span is. Oh yeah, I also got totally hooked on the tv show 24. Where was I when this came out? Hiding under a pile of yarn I think. I’d like to tell you more, but we have an iron clad agreement – what happens in Kingston, stays in Kingston.

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