What a Spaz

I was picking up a chicken that was defrosting in the sink so that I could put it in the fridge overnight…no point in risking salmonella.

On the way by, I hit a glass cutting board that then ricocheted off of the stove and landed point down on my foot. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Clancy run so fast! Good thing I had thick hand knitted socks on!

I’m now sitting here with an ice bag on my foot and a very deep bruise. Luckily the glass is tempered so it didn’t break. Shoes are not an option. And it’s 3 degrees outside, so I’m housebound for now.

How’s this for Florence Cattingale? Once she got over the loud noise and vociferous swearing, she came to investigate. I think because 1) it was a cold pack – something she’d never seen before and 2), my foot was on the chair she sits on to get treats…her turf was in danger!

One thought on “What a Spaz

  1. Oh no! You wouldn’t believe it but I am a klutz and something similar has happened to me too. Not the glass cutting board but spatula, pot cover (which broke), can of tuna… Hope your foot gets well soon!

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