Startitis Strikes Again

I’m under more than a bit of stress for reasons I’m not going to bore you with…let’s just say I’m suffering from startitis again. Those that read this blog know that whenever that happens, it means I’m under stress – ‘nough said.

I started three projects this weekend. And worked on 6 others currently in progress. I don’t know what it is, but when I’m stressed I can’t seem to settle on one thing to work on…I just don’t have the attention span. I tuckered poor Clancy out with my constant movement today. Rocking chair to stash and back again – I almost wore a groove in the floor.

Yesterday I started the knitting basket out of Cascade 220. I think it’s going to felt really nicely. It doesn’t show up too well in this photo because I’ve just started working on the sides

Today I moved on to a scarf to match a new laptop bag. I got this in a horse trade at work. I knitted a hat for a coworker (can’t believe I forgot to take a picture!) and she traded me the bag I’ve loved for a while. Now I have to have a scarf and mitts to match. You see, the bag is orange and my accessories from last year are red.

The wool I chose is stunning, so I wanted a simple pattern to go with it. Plain cables are showing this yarn off perfectly. I wish the camera did a better job of capturing the subtle blending of the blood red and the orange. The cool thing about this scarf is I taught myself to do cables without using a cable needle. I’m not sure it’s faster, but it’s less spastic.

Oh and I finished 10 snowflakes for a raffle at work. I haven’t starched them yet, so I’ll save them for another post.

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