They Call me Sensei

I bought a new spindle at Romni last weekend, along with some Blue Faced Leicester. No, it’s not a new band, it’s a type of sheep! I also caved and bought a Bosworth spindle. I justified it with the fact that a spindle is so much cheaper than a wheel. That’s only a temporary solution because tomorrow I’m taking the wheel class at Lettuce Knit and you know I’m gonna want a wheel after that.

I’m learning so much about different wools and sheep and how they are “composed”. For example, Merino is a very short draw fibre, where BFL is a long draw fibre. Corriedale requires a great deal of patience and a severe lack of wine in order to spin. Note to self : It also helps to be wearing shorts and not flannel pj’s when doing the drop spindle.
I took my samples to work and there were those in the “wow is that ever cool” camp, and then there were those in the “I totally don’t get why you would want to do that” camp. I tried to explain the cool part – of being “mistress of my own domain” when it comes to the combination of wools and colours, but unless you’ve been bitten by the spinning bug, you just don’t get it. 
One of life’s harsh lessons that I’m slowly learning is that not everyone is a sensei like I am. Now before you think my head is stuffed with wool, I don’t crown myself with that title, rather my friend Kathleen called me that after reading Stephanie’s book.

I wonder if I can spin enough wool to make a cool cape like Yoda wears?