I’ve been trying to drink more green and herbal teas but they go cold too quickly. I’ve been promising myself a teacozy for a long time. Well the¬†Christmas break plus a bit of a cold made me crave a warm cuppa. I sat¬†down and designed this today. If anyone is interested I can write the pattern up.

It’s a bit big for my Brown Betty teapot (hard to tell in a pre-felted design) so I’ll give it another run through the washer tomorrow and see if it felts a bit more. If not, I can cut the bottom a bit. The width is perfect, it’s just a wee bit too tall.

Knit Picks Wool of the Andes – 1 ball cream, partial balls of two other colours (I can’t find the blasted ball bands)
Size 5mm needles

Before Felting:

After Felting:

I left a hole at the top when I was binding off for the lid and cut a slit for the spout and two small ones to let my fingers grip the handle. I didn’t want the whole handle exposed because the object of the game is to keep it warm!

So far so good – my tea is indeed still warm and comforting

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One thought on “Tea and Sympathy

  1. Very nice!! A tea cozy is on my list of things I’d like, but I never seem to get around to it! Yours sort of reminds me of the Old Hudsons Bay Blankets!!!! A Great Canadian Tradition!!!!

    Happy Holidays!

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