Stirring Cement with a Straw

I have been very lazy about posting lately. While I am inspired by some of the projects I have on the go, somehow getting them onto the blog feels like stirring cement with a straw. So Much Effort.

But I shall make an effort to bring you up to date. Take a breath – here we go!

At long last Iccy is finished. I sucked it up and knitted in extreme heat – close to 36C to get this done. Let me tell you, knitting a scratchy wool shawl in heat and humidity is not something you want to do on a regular basis.

I’m going home to my dad’s in a couple of weeks and I’ll block it then – he
has a spare bed and I don’t. I’m also going to try Orvus Paste for the first
time to see if it softens up the Shetland wool.

Pattern: Icarus
Start: Apr 10
Finished: July 21
Wool: Kauni 8/2, colour WEL – around 650 yards
Needle size: 3.75mm
Mods: I did one less repeat of chart 1

I took two spinning classes from Lorraine Smith (Spinners
Quarterly) at the Purple Purl. The
first was a spindle class and the second a wheel. For some reason I didn’t take
pictures of the spindle class but I found it fascinating to see the variety of
wheels that were at the class.

The result: superwash merino from The Black
Lamb. I haven’t measured WIPS or yards yet but it’s close to fingering

Christmas knitting is on track. The Mead Scarf is lovely and if I can learn
to count to five I will stop having to frog

Artsy shot so you can see the fuzzing of the angora.

The Boy treated us to a ball game on Sunday. The Only Player That Matters – Alex

He hit a Home Run – yeah! The Jays won 8-3 and we missed the massive
thunderstorm by being tucked safely into the Dome (I can’t call it the Rogers
Centre no matter what)

This was a warm up to the Stitch ‘n Pitch next week. I’m out of town from Thursday – Tuesday but will be back (as long as Via cooperates) in time for the game.

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