Well, I finally finished the Never Ending Ripple. All 7 ft of it. I think I’m done with ripples for a while. 2 in one year almost did me in.

For some reason my hands aren’t feeling as comfortable crocheting as they used to do. I’m just not enjoying it…knitting and spinning have taken over. I guess it’s a phase I’m going through. Crochet is like an old comfortable shoe for me. It’s always there waiting – even though it’s not as shiny as the new toys, it always takes me back

I went to Romni today for my last hurrah in the stash enhancement department before the 2007 Knit from your Stash vow takes over. And I walked out with sock yarn. Nothing but sock yarn. Which is exempt from the rules. Go figure.

I didn’t have a single skein of solid colours in my stash, and since I like red, it just jumped into my basket. The others were looking lonely on the shelf, so they came too. The DGS was only $3.75/ball and the others were…ahem…considerably more, but they looked so nice knitted up.

Lesson of the day? I have no self control when it comes to sock yarn. I spent too much on them, so I couldn’t afford the yarn I really went down for! Oh well, pound for pound, socks take longer and are more enjoyable

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5 thoughts on “Some Ends, Some Starts

  1. I know what you mean about crochet. I hardly crochet at all anymore. I used to crochet more than I knit but 25 years ago I fractured a bone in my left hand age has taken it’s toll. It hurts my hand when I crochet but knitting doesn’t bother me at all. Spinning can hurt a little but nothing like crocheting.

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