It doesn’t count….really!

I swear to you I bought this last year. Sounds so long ago doesn’t it?

I have a new favourite online store, and as all with my adventures, it comes with a warning – lock up your credit card and delete your Paypal password before you read any further…’s how the saga went.

I had seen their site somewhere as I snorkeled along the web, but couldn’t remember the name of it….I was sure it had something to do with knitty bits (not naughty bits!)… I was about to give up and then it came to me in a stroke of genius…surf other bloggers I regularly stalk because that’s how I found it in the first place!

It’s all Peggy’s fault – any site described as “evil” had to catch my attention. Time was ticking down to the 2007 Knit from your Stash challenge so I had to get my orders in!

I bow to Little Knits. Why? Because they have Big Kureyon on for $8 freaking dollars a ball! I snapped up three of them (plenty for my recent obsession with Booga Bags) along with two huge balls of Regia Cotton ($6.20), and Online Wool ($6.75 – feeling faint yet?). And how cool is this – Regia 6 ply @ $2 a ball! I mean really! What’s a stashaholic to do!

Oh wait, it gets better

I was anticipating a 4-6 week delivery because that’s what the order said. About 8 days into the cycle, I got an email (I hope they don’t mind, but I was freakin’ blown away by the customer service)

“Hi Sherri,

First an FYI – I am truly sorry that we have not been able to get to your order until now.  We had a full week of horrible weather with snow and ice during which we could not come in to the store (one of us lived at the store for 3 days as she could not go home).  And, just recently, we were hit with severe wind and rain storms.  This all has resulted in delays in our shipment schedule.  Again, I am truly sorry.

We upgraded your shipment to Global Priority and adjusted the cost of your shipment down so your card was charged $XX instead of the $XX calculated by the website.  In addition, your package was marked as ‘gift’ so as to minimize customs issues for you hence, there are no invoices enclosed in your package.

Enjoy your lovely yarn.  Hope to see you back at Little Knits.”

Are you kidding? Sue, if I lived in Seattle, you’d have to fend me off with knitting needles! Let’s understand this people….they’re camping in the store (and yes, I checked they had wine and chocolate on hand) because of crappy weather, and they’re worried about my sock yarn! Wholly Toot!

As soon as my challenge is done, I’m totally going back to the site – I’ve safely bookmarked it, but don’t dare visit (I was taking a risk on your behalf tonight).

So here’s my goodies! All safely ensconced in my stash so I can officially knit from them


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