You have to know your audience

On one of my email lists, an industry insider let us know that:

Meredith Publishing has announced the cancellation of two crochet mags: Simply Creative Crochet and Family Circle Easy Crochet.

They’ve also cancelled Knit It and Family Circle Easy Knitting.

One of my design friends is saying that it is in part due to the illegal copying of patterns. I’m sure she has a legitimate point here.

The other side of the issue (for me at least) is that the garments they were publishing were too trendy or full of that dreaded (IMHO) novelty yarn. I mean really – how many fuzzy scarf patterns does the world need?. They were trying to appeal to the 20-somethings who are new to the craft (and consequently less likely to know how to spend money appropriately, not to mention to stick with it long term) than to the old birds like me who spend more on yarn than on her RRSP. I have talked to a lot of people, both online and off, who have the same opinion. They were trying to get all their money up front by cashing in on a trend, yet ignoring the people who have supported them for a long time. I mean really, how many 40+ women do you see wearing sweaters with bobbles, holes and fuzzy things hanging off of them?

As someone who has spent 20+ years in marketing and 10+ in web design, the first question you ask is “who is my audience and what will make them buy my cornflakes.” I think that these magazines failed to understand that issue, and as a result have had to cease publication.

Personally, I haven’t bought a crochet magazine in over 2 years and no longer subscribe to Crochet magazine for this very issue. If I’m spending 100+ hours on a piece, it had better classic enough to be able to be worn more than for one season, yet different enough to catch my attention. I stand by Interweave Knits and Creative Knitting as two examples (Knitters has fallen away from my favourite since Rick Mondragon took over) of wonderful designs that are modern yet classic and totally “makeable”. If I can’t make at least 3 items in a magazine, I no longer purchase it. I can’t think of a single crochet magazine out there that fulfills this desire for me.

Believe me, if it did, I’d own it.

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3 thoughts on “You have to know your audience

  1. I don’t crochet, but I see your point. I recently bought a copy of VK and was disappointed because I didn’t see myself wearing any of the designs. I thought many were lovely, just a bit too young or trendy or over-the-top for my taste. Then I chanced upon an IK and fell in love with almost everything.

    Not everybody is cosmopolitan and young. And some of us are getting less so every day! 🙂

  2. I believe Family Circle Easy Knitting has been relaunched as Knit Simple. I think Knit Simple is quite nice, it has some basic afghan designs and things for babies/children. This issue even has a section on socks. But dammit I didn’t buy it earlier and now I want the issue, I can’t find it!!! grrrrrr
    I love VK. Occasionally, there are designs in there that justify extravagant yarn purchases because I see the same item selling at Holts for $500-$1500. Blah to them, I’m making it myself. 🙂

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