I was rummaging through my resource centre looking for some wool to make slippers (cold tootsies result from hard wood floors) when I came across a grab bag of fibre that I had received when I took my spindle class at Romni.

I have no idea what this luscious goodness from the gods is but I’m going down to Romni on Friday to get more (remember, roving doesn’t count in the diet)…there are other sorts of mystery goodies in that bag, but this is the one that jumped into my hands.


It has a long-ish staple and is soooooooo soft – almost like cotton candy. I’m going to take it down with me on Friday to see what they have that’s close. I suspect it’s got silk in it. I was able to put aside the fact that it is Very Pink (which I am allergic to) and work with it anyway.

Back to the slippers…..

I made myself a pair out of Briggs & Little worsted that was in one of the containers. Actually, I found a whole container of B&L, but only needed a bit for my feet. I had made a pair earlier in the season out of Patons Decor and the bloody things felted first time I washed them. I don’t remember that yarn felting before…have they changed the formulation or maybe it’s just that I have always given away what I knit with it and never washed it.

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2 thoughts on “Mystery Fibre

  1. When you go to Romni check in the basement either the stuff in the bags that has the silk in it (it’s in the cubicles) or the shelf to the left when you first come down the stairs. They have some pink stuff there that I bought but it wasn’t quite that pink.

  2. That’s exactly what I’m thinking it is Rochelle – I had petted some lovely fibre there that resembed this, but I’m having a brain cramp and can’t remember what it is. I do remember it wasn’t cheap though! But oh so lovely!

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