Honestly, I’m like a little kid with a new toy. There’s nothing wrong with my old toys, but they get tossed back into the stash pile when something new comes along…lol I gave into the temptation and bought YoYo by Sirdar. I hesitated to buy it because the price was around $45/ball, but when you think of it, the price isn’t bad at all. It was $45 for 400g, 962 yards.

One ball will definitely make a shawl or a sweater. I had a 30% off coupon, so that sealed the deal This is lovely yarn to work with. I wasn’t sure since it’s got a bit of a boucle feel to it, but it’s wonderful. It doesn’t snag as much as the Homespun and it frogs well too (voice of experience).

The only thing I did was I went to a size 7 hook to do the shawl. The ball band calls for a 5. I tried that, but didn’t get the holes showing up, which is what I wanted. If you wanted a more tight/matted look, the 5 would be fine. The colour changes are lovely and very subtle in the yarn.

I may have started something very dangerous…must have other colours now!

I’m making the batwing shawl that I’ve made so many times before. It’s really one of my favourite patterns, and the colour changes that come from this yarn are going to make it very different and beautiful. Here’s where I am so far (about 2 hours work).

I didn’t realize that it’s got some wool in it (no problem for me). It’s 74% acrylic, 14% wool, 12% polyester. I’ll post a photo later today (after more coffee) so you can see how far I got last night. I do have to work on my old projects today (pout) as I have to have a comfortghan done by April 22nd, and I’m teaching at a guild retreat in 2 weeks – lots of stuff to prepare for that!

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