My sensei Terry and I took advantage of a rare day off from work for me and headed north. I thought we’d get stuck in endless lunatic Toronto escapees, but surprisingly we made it all the way to Gemini Fibres in around 30 minutes.

While the carnage was not on the roads, it happened to my budget within 30 seconds of entering the store. I completely ran amok in the store, justifying my purchases as an early birthday present to myself (I’ve been doing that a lot lately!)

Here’s the haul:

Tofutsies – colourway 725 Foot in the Door

Tofutsies Р730 Lightfoot (cast on immediately in the Jaywalker pattern). 

I love the idea of Tofutsies –¬†made of 50% superwash wool, 25% soysilk, 22.5% cotton and 2.5% chitin. What’s chitin you ask? It’s a fibre made from shrimp and crab shells, somehow making it naturally antibacterial (according to the label). It’s really neat to knit up too – feels like cotton. It’s a little thinner than normal sock yarn, but quite enjoyable.

I also bought a Mabel Ross DVD on spinning and some wonderful Smooth Moves for Knitters hand cream – it was from Nova Scotia – how could I resist? It’s a wonderful cream that takes out the rough spots on my hands that catch in the fibre when I spin and wool when I knit.

Today I’m flitting around from project to project (some I can’t speak of for fear of angering the karma gods). None of the projects require my new swift, so I’m happy to at least be able to put some of my handspun alpaca on it for the photo op.

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4 thoughts on “Running Amok

  1. I guess I have to go back to the store and buy that Tofu yarn. Your start looks good.

    Boy, that swift is nice looking. I just have the metal one with blue plastic coverings.

  2. Having gone to Gemini MANY times I know exactly how you feel. Surprisingly, the drive is much quicker than I had thought before my first time there. It’s 30 minutes door to door, at most, for me. I haven’t been there since June but I will go back sometime this summer. That place is amazing. I’m waiting for Tom to deliver some of his lighter painted spindles. Then I’ll go back and check them out. Even if I don’t buy any I love looking at the spindles.

    Did you watch the Mabel Ross DVD yet? I’d love to hear how you like it.

  3. Thanks Pirk. I like it a lot. That Jaywalker’s pattern is like potato chips – just one more row!

    I had the orange version of the one you have, but always wanted a wooden one. I finished spinning some yarn last night just so I could use it

  4. I’m about 1/2 through the DVD Rochelle. It’s mostly aimed at those who are carding and combing their own fleece, but I did pick up one handy tip as to how to find out if my yarn was going to be balanced or not.  I’m glad I bought it – that lady knows her stuff. And has the cutest accent to boot!

    Who knows, maybe I’ll come home with a fleece one day instead of the pounds of roving I seem to be ordering

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