Imagine breathing through a straw

That’s what I’m dealing with now. Asthma + pollution + hot humid smuggy air literally leaves me breathless.
People ask me what it’s like. I tell them to breathe through a straw for an hour and get back to me. Go ahead, try it – you won’t like it.

As I type this, it’s 31 degrees, 37 with the humidex. That means 98 for those on the Fahrenheit scale. Like walking out into a big smelly wet sponge.

Even knitting is an effort. So I’m going to just snorkle around the web – it’s the most exercise I can safely get right now.

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4 thoughts on “Imagine breathing through a straw

  1. Sherri, please go to Canadian Tire and get an air conditioner. It will be worth every penny. I hate to see you suffering like this.

  2. Hi Janette – we do have one in the living room, but the bedroom windows are too narrow for one there. I’m not sure how much of a difference it makes – even when I’m in air conditioning at work, I still can feel it.

  3. Do any of the asthma meds work for you? I have found my asthma meds make it easier to breathe. Okay, I am lucky to control mine wiht only one med. But see what the doctors have to say about meds.

  4. Thanks Mia. I’ve been prescribed the steroids, but I am rediculously stubborn about taking them. I don’t like the changes that happen to my body when I take them – mostly the fact that my voice is affected and becomes wavery and quivery like an old lady. Plus they increase the risk of glaucoma if taken long term and I already have that in my family. Since my eyes are so important to what I do, both personally and professionally, I avoid them unless necessary.

    The only time I’ll take them is if I have bronchitis (which happens when I get sick). Otherwise I muddle through with Ventolin as needed, but even that is done in limited bits because it speeds up my heart if I take it.

    I do find that when I’m having minor troubles that strong black and green tea often helps me. I’m not recommending it to anyone else, it’s just what I find helps me.

    That being said, I’m not stupid – if I’m in trouble, I know what to do and I do it.  

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