For once I planned it right. Vacation + new roving/pattern goodies = happy Stashaholic.

I have been a long time follower of Wendy Johnson and I love (and am a bit afraid) of how fast she can crank out socks. It takes me months to get done what that woman gets done on a train ride to work. She is finally publishing her patterns through The Loopy Ewe and I bought a few to get started. I also got the cutest key chain sock blocker and some end caps for sock needles. I’m going to get the smaller size in my next order. Sheri even includes a little “something extra” in your first 5 orders. I won’t say what it is (don’t want to spoil your surprise), but mine will get lots of use

Next came the roving. I had heard of the Canadian company London-Wul Fibre arts on Ravelry and decided to give them a try. Now those who know me know that I have a weakness for All Things East. New Brunswick totally counts as East to me. I went to their etsy store and these two Polworth rovings came home with me. Excuse the grainy pics but if I took with a flash it totally blew the picture away.

Colour: Way Out East

Colour: She Sells Sea Shells (looks more like a walk through the forest type colours but hey – it’s their roving and they can call it what they want I guess)

These rovings are beautifully soft. I haven’t spun Polworth yet, so I’m looking forward to it. As soon as the Spunky Eclectic is done, this is next on the wheel.

Update on medical stuff: I went to the dr. yesterday to find a new medication for my hands since Prexige was recalled. She’s put me on Mobicox and while it seems to be handling the pain, my tummy isn’t doing all that well on it. I’m taking it with Zantac in the hopes that it will make me less nauseous. Anyone else taking this with pointers welcome to comment.

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  1. I have that mini sock blocker. I love it. I bought one for each of the people in my snb group 2 years ago. I’ve knit the sock too.

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