I had taken a drop spindle class early in the year, but didn’t have much success. I am a stubborn old goat, not one to give up easily, so when I saw that Lettuce Knit was having a class I signed up immediately.

I had met the teacher Laura at a Drunken Knitter’s T.O. Knit Night and decided to try again. What a difference. I got a better spindle, beautiful roving and a very patient teacher. I think I’m hooked! I bought some of her roving because the colours were just too beautiful to pass up. I highly recommend to anyone in Toronto who’s interested in the class that they take it and buy lots of stuff from Laura

This week we learned how to do pre-drafting, drafting and spinning. I actually came out with something that looked reasonably like yarn. Perhaps the best name for it is “art yarn”…which seems to be a clever way to say, “well it’s kinda screwed up, but if I sold it at retail I could charge three times as much because it looks weird”. I’m going to start again this weekend and make some more singly ply yarn, which we will magically transform next Friday into “real” yarn.

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