Well there was very little sunshine on the long weekend but it really helped me focus and get some serious work done. I posted in the last blog entry about the yummy yarn I bought for Christmas presents. You didn’t really think I would wait to cast on did you?

Here’s the Column of Leaves scarf that I cast on on Saturday – it’s so amazingly easy to knit, especially when one is knitting with Malabrigo. I don’t think I’ll have enough to make the matching mittens, but that’s ok – this is enough yumminess in one little scarf to make up for it.

I love the three dimensional aspect to the leaves. This is definitely going on my list to make for myself. And the Malabrigo Silky? It’s like buttah.

Then I sat down at the wheel to work on Sophie’s Choice (since the fleece came from a sheep named Sophie it seems an appropriate name for the project) for a while. I’m not sure the yardage – I’ll measure it all when I’m done. So far I’ve spun a little over one batt that Jessie sent to me.

Sadly it’s back to work today and major crunch time on my year long project. Implementation will consume most of my time over the next month but I’ll do my best to post whenever I get a break.

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