Look what may have followed me home

Oh my… this just may have followed me home from the Purple Purl.

It’s hard to capture the colour – it’s called sage, but it really reminds me of all of the colours in a stalk of celery.

I suspect that it wants to be this (or something closely resembling…) We’ll see when I cast on.

In the meantime, I’m working on Juno Regina.  I’m making quite a bit of progress, even though I’m creating a few “design features”. I’m knitting it out of Malabrigo laceweight. I wasn’t sure how the variegated nature of the yarn would work out but I think I really like it.

I’m quite enjoying this project, even though Chart 3 is giving me fits…I suspect that this might be the year of lace

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3 thoughts on “Look what may have followed me home

  1. You fell off the wagon big time with this one. I couldn’t resist it either. Last weekend I bought the one skein of purple they had in the same yarn! It is so yummy. I want to get more of it. There was a huge tangled mess when we tried to ball it. Miko was great and very patient as we sorted everything out. Now I just have to decide what it wants to become. I’m working on it.

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