I’m a Lace Lover and Proud to Admit It

I’ve had to give up on MS3 because I don’t think I’ll have enough yarn to complete it. Melanie was kind enough to design a second option for those of us that didn’t care for how the design was progressing (asymmetrical vs. symmetrical). I am a symmetrical gal, and although I likely have enough yarn for the asymmetrical version, I don’t care for it. Of course Murphy’s Law has to be factored into all knitting projects and yes, I don’t have enough for the version I like.

I haven’t frogged it yet, Romni may be able to get me some more. If not, I can order it online and if the dye lots are too far off, I can always dye it. But the truth be told, I’ve just kinda lost interest in the project after I saw the way the design was going.

I learned a lot while doing the shawl (well as far as I got anyway), and enjoyed the process so much that I think I’ve gotten hooked on lace.

My shipment from Sarah’s Yarns arrived today. I can’t tell you how many times I caught myself looking out the window waiting to tackle the postman. I give her the official Stashaholic endorsement. Her prices are unbeatable ($6 for a ball of Zephyr vs. $15 in the LYS), she lets you pick samples to swatch with, has a free pattern with every order, and a colour card (to entice more shopping I’m sure!) She’s going on the blog as a place I hand over my paycheque too (see side bar).

I ordered yarn for these specific projects:

Icarus: 3 balls Jaggerspun Zephyr 2/18 in cinnabar

Honey Bee Stole: Jaggerspun Zephyr – 2 balls ebony

Sylvia Harding design TBD:Jaggerspun Zephyr – 2 balls basil

Tonight is the Toronto Blue Jays Stich ‘n Pitch and even I’m not crazy enough to take a lace project to the ballpark. I’ll be working on my Jaywalkers.

Come raise your pointy sticks with us….Go Jays!

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One thought on “I’m a Lace Lover and Proud to Admit It

  1. ooooohhh, pretty!!! I am bitter. That was seriously fast delivery. I will indeed give her a go.

    And it was nice to see you, even if ever so briefly, at Stitch N Pitch. Yay, Jays! Next time there is such a game/event we need to make a group order so we can be seated within quipping distance. I will be more on the ball next time. (no pun intended)

    I think i am putting hte Honey Bee scarf on my to do list too. tis stunning. but I. Must. Finish. Current. Lace. Works. FIRST. (stumble) my WIPs are out of control.

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