I decided to start tracking WIPs. I figure if they’re staring me in the face, I might finish them. Once items are finished, I’ll move them to the regular albums. I’m also going to include information on them with the actual picture in the album, so when I come across MIA projects, I’ll know what size hook/needle I was using or any adjustments made along the way. Mother of Experience here – very important information to have access too.

So, digging in the workbasket beside my chair were the following items. There are many more lurking in Rubbermaid bins that will eventually make their way to the light again.

So, here’s today’s starting lineup!

This is a basic sock, but it can hardly be called plain. I’m knitting it out of Regia Silk (55% New Wool, 20% Silk, 25% Polyamide) and knitting it is pure touch therapy. I can’t describe how soft this is. I may never wear it, just keep rubbing it  as I try to find my happy place in stressful times.

Seriously, I think I’ll buy a couple more balls (at $12 a 50g ball it ain’t cheap) and make a nice lace scarf out of it. I can’t think of anything nicer to cuddle with on a cold morning (electric blankets, cats and husbands are disqualified from this list).   

This is a Tunisian Entrelac purse that I’m designing. I had originally thought I’d do it in many different colours, but I’m a purple freak, so dark heathery purple and lilac it is. I’m doing it in Briggs & Little 2 ply Regal so it’s going to last a lifetime. Yet to be decided – to felt or not….

This is the sweater I was drooling over for months. I finally bought it last fall, but put it away until I could cast on with a clear conscience. Well that took a bit longer than expected, but it’s well under way now. I’ve got 16″ of the bottom section, the black dividing line and now am starting on the top back. I love stocking stitch – it’s so fast! Of course anything is fast compared to a sweater with  40″ of moss stitch.

My brother is getting married in September (date TBD), so this is his wedding ghan (no peeking!). Only for him would I do 64″ of single crochet in the back loop ripple. But it will be beautiful when done. I realized the other day that I’m 64″ tall. Let me put that in perspective. That’s 5’4″ of ripple. Say no more.

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