How Much is Too Much?

I was knitting away on a project and found a factory knot in the wool. Then another. Then a pull.

I switched to another ball, same thing.


I wound off the remaining 7 skeins and amazingly had between 1-4 knots and pulls per skein. No skein was without a problem.

I have written to the company to express my displeasure. I had ordered from this particular place because their skeins came in 200 yard hanks so that I wouldn’t have to weave in a bunch of ends. The 7 remaining skeins ended up being 16 of various lengths and I have twice the amount of ends to weave in, plus odd amounts of yarn that will be wasted at the end of the balls that can’t be worked in to the project.

If I had the same issue with a large supplier like Patons, I would return the yarn and expect to get my money back. It came from a small craft farm, not a big company so I hesitate to ask for anything (plus I’m half way through the project and don’t want to start over). I’ve run into this more than once with small farms. Should this make a difference?

How many problems are acceptable in a skein?

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4 thoughts on “How Much is Too Much?

  1. I hear you–that’s a bummer. I think it’s worth noting, letting the supplier know. It wouldn’t be a show-stopper for me (then again, I love tacking down ends…) but I do think it’s always worthwhile to encourage improved quality. Little suppliers can be lovely, and maybe where our hearts are, but if they don’t satisfy what we need, no one wins.

    Btw, did you change your blog format or am I hallucinating? It happens đŸ˜‰

  2. I would like to know what company and yarn it was so I know never to buy it myself. I recently had an issue with 3 or 4 knots in a skein of yarn I bought and the company I bought it from sent me another skein, no charge, as compensation. Personally, I would say that 2 knots are acceptable. Anything more than that is just not right.

  3. Oh please let us know who the supplier was! After reading your follow-up, I think any company that listens, responds and corrects an issue should be patronized! (by the way, my answer is also two, lol)

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