Well as suspected my first week back to work has severely curtailed my
productivity. I was able to spin a bit but nothing to show yet – hopefully next week.

I did manage to find a wonderful farm in the Kingston area called
Topsy Farms. They have wool from their 700 sheep that is very close to a
Briggs & Little type wool with one small exception. This wool has tons of lanolin still in it.

The jacket is the Scholar’s Jacket from
Knitted Jackets:
20 Designs from Classic to Contemporary by Cheryl Oberle


Here you can see a before and after shot. The cables have not been washed, and the swatch
was washed in Orvus Paste. I love the way it’s turning out. It takes a bit of time to get used to working with the unwashed wool as it’s a bit sticky and heavy to work with, but it conditions my hands as I’m going so I’m very happy. Not to mention the price – where else can you get a 200 yard ball of wool for only $5! Don’t be put off by the quoted shipping price – it’s a guestimate and the actual shipping costs are much less – just drop them a note and ask first.

I’m practicing my spindle spinning because it fits into the few spare minutes I have now. This roving comes from Copperpot and it’s called Happy Feet. I’m using it as part of the
Spindler’s challenge for January. The theme is “Duel at High Noon” and this reminds me of the colours of the painted desert and the dust there.

New on the needles today is a pair of alpaca thrum mittens. I bought this kit
at the Royal Winter Fair in the fall with the sad knowledge that they would be
needed. And it looks like this week they will be. Unfortunately I procrastinated
too long and they won’t be ready for this:

The yellow line is “high” temperatures. A high of -18C which is -0.4F (before
the windchill!)

Stay warm – wrap yourself in wool this week!


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6 thoughts on “Give Me Strength

  1. I started an afghan for a young friend this week. It’s knitted with two strands so it’s quite cozy. Almost too warm for me but our forecast isn’t much better than yours.

    That roving very much has the painted desert look to it. Gorgeous.

  2. I hope you get those thrums done soon, you will need them.
    Boy, do they ever look warm already, and the color is nice.
    I love the yarn your are spinning (re: flickr pictures)

  3. ah, I didn’t see the spinning picture here when I started my previous message.
    Those pictures were still loading.

    I can say again, I LOVE the color

  4. Man I need mitts like that! I am just finally getting around to making myself a toque (which, somehow, I don’t seem to already have…?!). You are an inspiration!!! Interesting about the lanolin in that yarn, eh? L:

  5. I love to see all the fiber and spinning and knitting, but not so much the cold temps. It’s getting colder here and indoors I’ve been freezing. My office is a like a meat locker and our furnace was out when I got home tonight. Brr.

  6. mmm…supersoft alpaca thrum mittens…sounds like a sweet dream! And the colour of your spinning is pretty fabulous. Copperpot seems to be a fun place!

    i am ready for this crazy cold to be done though, make it easier to get around…more visiting then, no?

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