Well, here we are. December 31st 2008. I for one, will be more than happy to
see the backside of this year. Personally and professionally it was a difficult
and stressful one, and I hope the next one is better for everyone that reads
this little blog (and for those who don’t too – but why don’t you recommend it
to them!)

I’ve been battling the sniffles/flu since I had to walk home from Yonge & Bloor
the other day. A “power out situation” at College station meant that no subways
were running. It was an hour and a half walk and it was cold and rainy.
Somewhere along the line I apparently became host to a virus that won’t leave.

One thing I found out is that when you are sick it’s much easier to work on WIPs
than start WIMs (just too much effort there). So the last few days have been a
bit of a frenzy. I can now see the bottom of my WIP basket (well one of them anyway)

Cherry Garcia Cowl
Handspun Superwash Merino
5.5mm needles


Austermann 6 DK Socks
3mm needle

Wheelchair Wrap for my MIL
Patons Shetland Chunky – 3.5 balls
5.5mm needle


Shawl for Susanne
Bernat Soy
4.25mm hook

And some beginnings:

February Lady Sweater
100% wool from Walmart (surprisingly nice too!)

I’ve also been spending a lot of time at the new wheel. As I mentioned,
our first conversations were like blind dates. Lots of starts and stops,
embarrassing silences, and rough edges to smooth out.

but then we became a bit more comfortable. We both relaxed our grips and just
let the wool flow.

Once we became more comfortable, it was time to move onto the big show


And we are very pleased

Clancy has enjoyed me being home – being at her beck and call, dishing out
treats and scritches on demand – but her favourite present wasn’t one I spent a
lot of money on (no surprise there).

If only all the things I wanted were that affordable!

Have a very Happy, Safe and Prosperous New Year.

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3 thoughts on “Finishing Up

  1. It’s too bad you are not well, but it’s good you are not sick enough not to finish some great projects. I love the shawl, it came out beautifully. I am sure it will give a great pleasure for Susanne.
    Clancy must be happy with the empty box.


  2. Mmmm lovely stuff. I’m glad you and the new Victoria are getting along so well.

    Happy New Year to you too!! See you soon. L:

  3. That’s some gorgeous stuff there. We went to the cancer clinic yesterday(great results!!!) and I dropped off several squares for their comfort ghans. I had to start a new hat for Jessye last night. The pup took the one I had just finished and now I can’t find it anywhere.
    I hope we see more of each other in 2009. I’m anxious to go to the Purl with you. After I pick up my lottery winnings 😀

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