Everything’s coming up roses

As I mentioned in a previous post, I’m doing an Irish crochet doily. The centre is white and the roses are a deep burgundy colour. Having experienced thread’s propensity to bleed, I got smart this time and soaked all 16 roses in salt water to prevent them from bleeding. Good thing I did too because they bled all over. I’m going to let them dry and repeat tomorrow and the next day until not a spec of pink is in the pot.

From Random Shots

I laid them out to dry and went to watch tv. When I came back, I thought I’d stepped into the episode of Most Haunted that I’d just watched. (Serves me right for watching it alone in the dark in a basement apartment surrounded by 3 cemeteries.)

What scared the bejeebers out of me? All of the roses had moved places. Was this some strange energy taking over my apartment? I sat down at my computer and trained my camera at them, hoping to catch a light anomaly like on the show. But instead, this is what I caught….

From Clancy

Apparently Clancy decided to stop and smell the roses and liked them so much she was moving them around! I think they must have some residual salt on them because she keeps licking them. She took off with one and I had to chase her through the obstacle course that is my apartment to get it back. Each one of these buggers took 30 minutes to make – no way is she gonna drool on one!

From Clancy

So, even my cat gets it – you gotta stop and smell the roses…just don’t eat them!

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