Corriedale Dreadlocks

I did some kettle dyeing last night using this method, but instead of painting, I just dumped it into a big pot. I used about 1.5 lbs of Corriedale and some Jacquard dyes. My method is totally unscientific (very unlike me), instead I went by the glug method.

One glug of blue, one glug of black, oh need a little more blue, better add two glugs.

Somehow it turned out well (of course it could have been the addition of a nice merlot, but I’m not telling).  I presoaked the wool in two batches, so the first batch is much darker because it went into the dye pot first. The dye ran out of oomph by the second batch, but I kinda like this because I’ll use one strip of roving from the dark batch and one from the light. Self striping yarn without any effort. I left it overnight in the Saran Wrap and gave it a rinse this morning. No bleeding and the colours are quite saturated. Here it is hung to dry. It looks like Dreads doesn’t it? LOL


Clancy is a treat whore. She’ll try to con them out of me every second that I am awake (and even some when I’m not.) So I decided to try to make her work for them. I placed a treat in the laundry basket. You’d think a cat that has a box fetish would jump right in. Nope – she’s afraid of it for some reason. She tried pushing it around to knock it out, paced back and forth and finally stuck her paw in to try to grab it. Now if only I could get her to actually do the laundry!

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