The purpose of having a traveling wheel is …well…to travel with it.

I like to take my wheel to guild meetings and S’n’B’s, and up to this date I’d been wrapping her in garbage bags. Which was quite a hit to both of our dignities.

My friend Terry came to the rescue. A budding spinner herself, Terry is a gifted seamstress and knitter and crocheter. This is spoken by someone who barely passed HomeEc. I am in awe of people who can sew. But I digress.

Terry went fabric shopping with me a few weeks ago and somehow that pile of denim turned into this masterpiece. We She needs to put on straps to make it backpack-able and a handle on the top, but otherwise I think it’s fabulous! I borrowed it long enough to go on a Toronto Hookups retreat and then we’ll she’ll finish it up.

The cocoon (note the honkin’ pocket in the front!:

with straps to hold bobbins:

And her own name in lights! Yes, I named her Lillith for obvious reasons.


I can’t thank Terry enough – she truly ROCKS!

And Lillith is happy too – I swear she was spinning more smoothly this morning after I took the pictures

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3 thoughts on “Goin’ Mobile

  1. Hi,
    Not only is Terry a gifted
    seamstress and knitter and crocheter, she’s also a gifted baker, canner, pickler and cook period! I know because I’m her sister!

  2. Nothing Terry does surprises me as she’s soooooo multi-talented. She taught me how to knit,which is a miracle in itself,as I was all thumbs with knitting needles as well as pickling. She’s my cousin.

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