Well the total hours worked since Monday = 65. My hands are sore and I don’t think there’s much I’ll accomplish today so I thought I’d bring you up to date with my WIPS. All of these can now be considered part of the Knit from Your Stash pledge because believe it or not, I haven’t bought yarn since December! I’ve come close a few times, but realized what I was doing and closed the browser quickly

I really don’t like doing ribbing, but for some reason I don’t mind the mistake rib. So, I’m doing an entire scarf in it (sucker for punishment really). This is in Patons Rumor and it’s absolutely lovely to work with – incredibly soft. I’m using the Moonstone Heather colour.

Yet another basic sock. The bright colours cheer me up in the midst of winter. I’m doing it on 2.0mm needles – I think I have bigger toothpicks around somewhere.

I can’t crochet much anymore because it makes my left forearm really sore. But I really liked this pattern, so I started it last night. I’m working with Mary Maxim Cloudspun. I don’t generally work with acrylics anymore, but I wanted to use it up as part of the stash pledge.

This is a closeup of what they call the griddle stitch.

The never ending Einstein jacket. I’m finally on the sleeves. I have to admit that I’m not enjoying this at all. Garter stitch bores me, and the thing weighs a ton. I have to keep flipping it to do each row on the sleeves and it keeps getting tangled up.


I seem strangely attracted to the Booga Bag pattern. It’s easy, brainless and magic when you felt. This is my third one, and I bought the yarn from Little Knits. I don’t think I’ll have enough (my math skills didn’t calculate the required yardage to double the original…duh), so I may need to get creative.

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5 thoughts on “Catching Up

  1. I don’t know how you managed to work 65 hours plus do all that knitting and crocheting (or any, in fact).

    Do you sleep?

  2. I do sleep Jessie, not nearly enough lately, but that’s mostly due to the fact that my furbaby seems to think that I need to get up at 6am every day – even on the weekend!

    Some of these projects were started back in October, so I can’t claim progress is quick on them. But I do hope to have Einstein done by spring. It’s so big it takes up half of my WIP basket…lol

  3. I am waiting to see your coat. You know that I want to make that one too.
    I bought a knitting magazine and it came with a free SOCK booklet.
    Not that I will be making any socks….Your sock is buuutiful

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