I’ve been working extreme overtime this week – 12 hr days all week and I have to go in again today. I pay for my stash by building websites for a large bank here in Canada. 12 hr days of computer work has just about killed my hands. The last thing I can do when I get home is face a computer to blog or even to answer email, so forgive me if I disappear until Monday (when the project that’s killing me launches).

We had a major ice storm here in Toronto on Thursday. It started with tons of snow and finished with sloppy slushy ice. I found out that my new boots were definitely not waterproof. Ugh

It took DH almost 2 hrs to drive from Bathurst and Bloor to Bathurst and Eglinton (normally a 20 minute drive). The ice was so thick on the roads that people were getting stuck driving up Avenue Road. Then he couldn’t get back out of our driveway, so he gave up and took the night off work

Anyway, here are some pictures – I didn’t take icky slush pictures because, well, they were ugly. But I think these are kinda pretty in their own way. The first snowbank is the view from my apartment window. (yes I live in a luxurious basement apartment. Double Ugh.




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  1. Hi Sherri,

    For some reason, I don’t have your email to reply. The Monday SNB is at 2592 Yonge Street (2nd Cup).

    Wednesday S’nB is at Davisville Second Cup.

    Hope to see you!

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