Bring on the Cold Weather!

Let me tell you, there’s nothing like working on an Aran sweater in a heatwave. Ok, maybe an afghan. And yes, I did both this week.

Well very late last night (or was it early this morning), I was spurred on by chocolate chip cookies (never underestimate the power of chocolate) and finished my first crocheted Aran. I made it out of Mary Maxim Starlette and the pattern is from the book is More Aran Crocheted Sweaters by Jane Snedden Peever.

I must admit that math challenges aside, I really enjoyed working on a crocheted Aran. I was a knitting snob purist and didn’t think I’d like it. Once I figured out how the instructions were written I was ok. I might even use the bottom panel of this to make an afghan (but not until it cools down!) because it works up very quickly – much more so than a knitted one.

I did have to do some creative figuring with the pattern because as you remember, I had some gauge issues early on. They came back to bite me in the arms (not literally silly!) and I had to redo the schematic, otherwise I would have resembled Batman.

It’s in the washer now, hopefully to survive and not to grow too much (bad past experiences always make me nervous). Just in case, I took these pictures before I washed it.

From Crochet

Post Post Update: It survived the washer and dryer and is nice and cuddly soft and didn’t grow too much

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