Yarn as Prozac

I’m stressed.
On the edge.
I’m off the stress scale.
If I was an earthquake, I’d be the big one right now.

I received a transfer/promotion to a new job this week. Effective the end of the month I’m supposed to be reporting to a new department. In the meantime, everything that I’ve been working on has to be handed off before I leave.

Plus the car got broken into this week and they stole DH’s cell and wallet. That means every card we had needed to be replaced. Now before you ask “why would he leave it in the car?” (as I did), he did so because the last time that he took his wallet into work, someone stole the cards right out of his wallet which was in his coat pocket. He can’t keep it in his pants because he’s a chef and there’s no back pockets for wallets in those things.

The brazen a**holes who stole it even answered the cell phone when he called and tried to sell it back to him! Then they tried to charge $1300 worth of clothing. Yeah, like we have that much room available on the cards. Idiots.

There’s a whole lot of other personal crud happening that I’m not going to go into here. Let’s just say that insomnia is my new roommate. Plus a kitten who thinks toes are good things to crunch on at 4:30 am. So, when I stress, I knit and crochet.

One good thing is that it’s very productive. One bad thing is that when I get stressed, I get startitis. Bad startitis. 7 projects this week – very bad startitis. So, here’s some pics of some of them. The good news is that I actually finished some projects too, including Brandon’s blanket, so I’ll be giving it to him soon.

Brandon’s Christmas present is a Thomas the Tank sweater – he’s his favourite. I got 10 inches knit on the back this weekend.

I have no idea what this is going to be. It started out a sweater, but I decided to stash bust and am using Lilly cotton. I think it’s too heavy, so it might end up as a blanket or a vest – depends on when the boredom factor cuts in.

Closeup of stitch:

A sock – Regia that I got on sale for $3.00/ball

Someone’s Christmas present

And yet another sweater to add to the 10 I already have on the go.

And, yes, here’s the obligatory Clancy picture (here you go JeanAnne!). Yes my walls are the colour of freakin’ Pepto Bismol. Don’t go there.

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