Miko was kind enough to pick Lilith  and I up early in the morning so that I wouldn’t have to schlep a spinning wheel and all her accoutrements through the bus/subway/streetcar trek that it takes to get me to The Purple Purl.

I am keeping my Little Gem (L2) at home, but Lillith (L1) will remain at the
store and make my life a teensy bit easier if I want to spin. I’m working on the
amazing Angora blend from the store and got about 1/2 a bobbin done during the
day. I also brought the girls a box of crocheted snowflakes to hang in the window. If those are the only snow we see all year I’m a happy gal.

We stopped at an amazing flower store on the way to the store and bought every purple flower and decoration that they had.
Once at the store we I settled in with a coffee and some spinning.
Rochelle and Ramona soon joined in. These two are a hoot!

The day flew by with people coming and going, joining the circle in an ebb and flow that is so subtle sometimes you don’t even notice it. It is a gathering place around the “fireplace that isn’t a fireplace” and truly is a magical time whenever I’m there. It soothes my soul not to have to listen to tv commercials and xboxes going off at ear splitting volume.

Fiona Ellis dropped by for a bitand we Kineered her…

Some amazing spinners came by and I had the most amazing conversations with
them. I am an absolute spaz at remembering names so apologies to anyone reading
this blog. I got some great feedback on my spinning and validation that I was on
the right track. In fact, most couldn’t believe I had only been spinning since
January. Woo Hoo!

I’m working on a project for the store that will be sold in kits so I can’t talk
about it yet, but I think it will be neat (at least I hope they think so and so do
the knitters who will rush the store in mass quantities to climb over each other to
buy it

We’re also going to offer some beginning classes in both knitting and

So my question to you – if you were/are a beginner, what kind of things would
you want to learn in class? What do you think is a good beginner project?

Sadly I have to go in to my “real” job today. I’d much prefer to stay at home
and play, but the workload is getting a bit high (can’t see over the piles on my
desk), so I need to wrestle it into submission. 4 hrs of work on a Sunday in a
quiet office is worth 8 hrs on a regular day.

Have fun – go pet some fibre!

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6 thoughts on “What an amazing day

  1. If it didn’t involve getting out of my pjs (which I try not to do on Sundays *g*), I’d try to make it down there for a Sunday… Of course the closer it gets to Christmas the more likely I may be down there, as I can get far more done when my computer isn’t 6′ away from where I normally work on stuff 😉

  2. It was so nice to meet you – and to finally put a stop to the nameless stalking I’ve been doing! let me know if you need any test-knitting or sample-knitting done for your store projects.

  3. Ramona, if all of my stalkers (and believe it or not there have been a couple) were as nice as you I’d be happy! It was great to meet you too – looking forward to more fireside chats

    Will keep you in mind for test knitting for sure. Anyone that can deconstruct a sweater can certainly knit my simple patterns…lol

  4. And waht a treat to have you all at our purl of ashop! It was a subtle ebb and flow …well said! It made us feel we are in our dream job! We are just over a week old and already teh sense of community that you are helping to us build is so heartwarming! We are so glad you love our space…escape to the comforts of yarn is a good thing in my books!

  5. Sherri, it was a delight to meet you on Sunday and as a master of the ‘thick and thread’ style of spinning, I too am in awe of the very even looking laceweight yarn you were spinning. I have yet to delve into the mohair I bought that afternoon but it lurks in the back of my mind as my next spinning project.

    Congratulations to Miko and Jennifer at the Purple Purl. Your shop is warm, welcoming and wonderful and I plan to drop in frequently.

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