What a skinny ass tree!

Well I think this is the smallest skinniest tree that The Boy and I have ever  gotten. Of course, compared to the year where we couldn’t use one doorway in the apartment because the tree was so freaking fat, anything looks skinny!

But seriously, my tree is anorexic. Which I guess is OK, because there isn’t a lot of room in the apartment for a tree. Clancy is still investigating – she’s not sure what this thing is, but it sparkles and glows and has things to bat around. She has so far destroyed 12 glass ornaments and 2 ceramic ones. I swear she looks at me, raises a paw and says “nah nah nah” before she pushes them to their death. Brat.

I spent $60 on unbreakable ornaments today. We’ll see how long they last.

She has a silly new trick that has me in stitches every time I catch her doing it. I was throwing out a box, but she’s adopted it. She’s folded down the side and hides in it until you walk by – then she pounces on you. As if that isn’t enough, she jumps back in the box, puts a paw over her head “you can’t see me  – you are a mere human and I am a cat with superior powers – I am invisible!” It’s too funny – especially when she runs down the hall ahead of you to play the game (like you didn’t almost trip on a gray cat on a gray rug on the way down the hall). God love kittens. I’ve taken pictures of this new game for your pleasure. I’m sure you’ll agree that she’s the most beautiful cat ever! (yeah OK, so I’m obsessed…get over it)

From Clancy

She’s 11 months old now, but is still as spazzy and as silly – just 9 lbs heavier than when I got her in March.

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