Vacation’s over

I’ve been off the last week. But certainly not resting! In between watching multiple airings of my beloved #Outlander (yes I’m completely addicted – can you blame me?), I was a busy girl. After reading these novels for 20 years and debating hotly with fellow addicts who would play Jamie, I think they nailed it.


Makes this middle-aged woman swoon. Well, that is if we still swooned…maybe it was just a hot flash…


I canned 20 lbs of peaches:


A bushel of tomatoes (sans pics) which went so incredibly easy because of this video. I’ve had this attachment for years but never knew what it did!

I was also busy canning  jalapenos, chicken stock, jams…I’m ready for winter.

There was also knitting. Lots of it. Some I can’t show you because it’s for Christmas. Yes that’s right – Christmas. There are only 114 days…get busy!

I did finish and block this. I started knitting it when my dad was sick so when I wear it it’s like a hug from him.

I don’t have pictures of the finished cape, but I will get someone at work to take a picture. It is a pattern called Anne from my LYS Creative Yarns.

The yarn is Lang Donegal and has rekindled my love affair with tweed.


Still on the needles is also a pattern from Creative Yarns. It’s a very simple cowl but the yarn is my beloved Malabrigo Lace. Note the outdoor knitting – it’s where I spent most of the last week. 10649865_10154634052845122_2027956747900876003_n

There was also spinning, and lots of it. I resurrected this from my resource centre and ran it through the drum carder to fluff it up. The fibre is a gorgeous silk/merino- from Hedgehog Fibres in Ireland. 20140828_234513

And this one was a lot of fun – it’s still being spun up, but I have a nice 3 ply started. It’s the Canadian Bacon roving from The Fibre Garden.


Phew. I need to go back to work to have a rest!