I know it should be toes, but I only have one sock knit, so I have a toasty toe. I have recently become enamoured again with sock knitting. It’s mindless, portable and practical. And reasonably inexpensive. $15 will give you hours of knitting pleasure.

From Knit

I bought this wool at my favourite Toronto knitting store, Romni Wools. It’s called Araucania Nature Wool and is kettle dyed in Chile. The striping is so subtle on the hank that it looks almost like it’s one colour. But when knit up…well, it’s beautiful. Soft subtle striping. Truly yummy.

I was there again yesterday and I bought some Regia cotton in blue and a very bright colourway. We’re leaving on Tuesday for Nova Scotia (23 hrs of driving one way), so I need some small portable projects. Socks are the perfect thing! Hopefully I’ll have the mate to this one complete when we return

I’m also excited that I’ve finally signed up for a spinning class at Romni. It’s not until April 8, but I’ve wanted to learn drop spindle for so long – I can’t wait!

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