Sunday spinning

I really like Sunday nights now. Instead of stewing about the work week to come, I’ve gotten into the habit of going in my spare bedroom design studio around 8pm and putting on my Chris Botti (what a hottie) CD. There I sit and spin my drop spindle. I find it so relaxing, even when I’m chasing it around the room because Clancy thinks it’s a toy and head butts it so that it goes spinning off kilter and the roving goes flying….but I digress.

Another road trip while we’re off topic….duly noted, spinning in flannel pj’s isn’t a good idea – the roving sticks to it like Velcro and breaks off. Proper spinning attire needed – who knew?

I’m looking for a smaller spindle, but for some reason it’s hard to find the smaller Ashford (not the student model) in Canada, and my budget just won’t spread (no matter how hard I justify, whine, throw temper tantrums try to fix the fiscal imbalance that is my cheque book) to allow me to purchase a Bosworth. Any ideas? I’ve got a call into Romni, but they haven’t called me back. My problem with ordering from the US is that I’m going to suffer the exchange rate, pay a billion dollars to ship it, and then likely get whacked with duties.


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