I really wish I knew what these two yarn are, but I bought them a few years ago and in my zealous urge to use my new wool winder, didn’t bother to keep the ball bands. They sat in my stash trying to figure out what to be. Finally, I came across this pattern and woo hoo, a blanket was born!

The pictures of the ghan don’t show it, but one of the strands is a very pale blue and the other one is white with a shiny filament running through. I’m sure they aren’t anything exotic – likely Red Heart or Bernat, but wow are they soft when used together. Here’s a better view.

This one is going to my step-grandson Brandon. He was the recipient of my Toronto Maple Leafs ghan, but this one is designed more for daily use. Every two year old needs a soft cuddly blanket

Forgive the proud step-grandma moment, but it’s my blog and I’ll brag if I want to!

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