Silk Shawl Finished!

I’m tellin’ ya, I LOVE THIS PATTERN! It’s the fastest shawl ever. No matter what the material, you can whip off one of these suckers in a matter of days. I did this one out of the luscious Fleece Artist silk I bought from Linda’s Craftique a couple of weeks ago.

From Crochet

  Why do I like the pattern so much? No thinkum. And it starts big and works to the point. That means that when I’ve hit the boredom point, things start moving very quickly and keep me excited.

From Crochet

I still need to block the shawl, but I was so excited that I finished that I wanted to share with you

This will be in the fashion show for the Toronto Hookups Crochet Guild that we’re having at the Creative Sewing and Needlework Festival – Oct 13-16. Stop by the booth and say hello while you’re there!