Pandora’s Box

While at the Creative Sewing and Needlework Festival, I happened along the Ram Wools booth. And what did my wandering eyes chance upon? The sweater I’d been LUSTING over.

Barely containing my excitement (apologies to the ladies I ran over on the way to the booth), I grabbed the sweater in my shaking hands. Sadly it was the wrong colour for me (I look like…well…not good in brown). I put it down with a sob and said to my companion “the knitting gods are against me – it’s the wrong colour”.

To my delight the sales lady said “we’ll ship it in the colours you want – no charge”. Well I think my wallet got whiplash as I pulled it out with shaking hands and a tremulous smile.

Well, it came today. Along with two books I’d ordered from Amazon – Sally Melville’s Colour: The Power and the Glory, and Martha Waterman’s Knitted Lace Shawls.

I wasn’t going to even open the box until after Christmas, but I thought I should make sure that they had sent the right sweater – you have to be careful right (yeah right)…

With Clancy looking on (she thought it looked interesting), the innocent box sat on the floor for a while while I argued with myself as to whether or not to open the box and release temptation into the air. Throwing caution to the wind, I grabbed my scissors and ripped it open. With heaving bosoms, I wrestled the sweater from the box and sat it on the floor. Far away from me.

For good reason.

I have to finish the following before Christmas:

  1. Debbie Bliss Sweater (I know, quit moaning and get to knitting the 40″ of moss stitch required to finish the sleeves).
  2. Complete Snowflake Afghan before real ones melt.
  3. Finish Sock or become good friend with amputee to give existing one to.
  4. Make more snowflakes than Mother Nature.
  5. Make buttonless towel toppers to go with the cool towels I bought today that I really shouldn’t have because I don’t have time to make them.
  6. Make matching thrum mitten before snow flies and fingers freeze.
  7. Make cute matching hat and scarf (pattern yet to be determined).
  8. Have head examined for starting Pineapple Doily.
  9. Knit toque for co-worker (how did I get suckered into this one?).
  10. Finish Manuel (Heartmade Blessings teddyghan).

Somewhere in there is sleep and work, but as it becomes closer to Christmas, I’m trying to figure out which is really necessary.