Oh the Weather Outside is Frightful…

I don’t mind snow, I just don’t want it to hit the ground!

We’re in the midst of a blizzard the likes of which Toronto hasn’t seen in decades. Truly it reminds me of growing up – when snowbanks were taller than I was. I grew up in the snowbelt (close to Lake Erie) and we always had tons of snow. Toronto on the other hand, freaks at three flakes.

But I will admit that this was a major dumping.

I took some pictures starting at 8pm last night before it hit and just came back now (4pm) from a tour of the ‘hood. Here’s a slideshow for your viewing pleasure. Not to mention I’m defrosting after my walk with an adult beverage too lazy to post individual pictures.

With the yucky weather it was perfect timing to finish off some spinning. I have finally finished the Polworth laceweight from LondonWul fibres.

While I like my singles, my plying definately needs work. Oh well, looks like I’ll have plenty of time – it’s going to be a LONG winter.

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2 thoughts on “Oh the Weather Outside is Frightful…

  1. great photos of the storm! i know nothing of spinning so the plying is greek to me but the colours of that skeins are beautiful. good job you!

  2. Hi Sherri I was in Toronto for the weekend visiting my daughter, we had a great time shopping on Queen East, the hardest part was walking on the sidewalks single file, but I just had to have some wool at the naked sheep! Good thing for me she lives in the Beach. I don’t know a thing about spinning either and I agree with melinda about the beautiful colors!

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