Now that’s customer service

As you know, I’ve always been a HUGE fan of Nova Scotia’s Fleece Artist, and more recently Hand Maiden (a mom and daughter operation). They simply have the best, most scrumptious yarn. I have probably bought 20 hanks of it over the last year or two. I most recently bought a mitten kit that I can’t wait to work up!

I’ve always promoted them heavily on this blog (with no desire for personal gain, just as a happy knitter) and now have even more reason to do so. I had bought a skein of the Kid/Silk blend when Drew came up to visit from Houston. I raved, petted, and drooled over it until I talked myself into buying yet another skein (and him a couple for the ride home).

When I went to wind it, I found 4 factory knots. Now some say that it’s normal to find up to 3, but in my opinion, if I’m paying $40 for 400m, there had better not be ANY. I have never ever experienced a knot in their skeins since I’ve been buying them, so I was shocked to find even one, let alone four.

I wrote Kathryn of Fleece Artist and she immediately wrote me back apologizing and asked me if I’d like a replacement skein. I offered to send mine back to her, because in my opinion, it wouldn’t be fair to take one without sending in the original (no sense angering the Knitting Gods). She told me to keep it and she’d send mine out as soon as their new shipment came in.

Well, today my wonderful new skein came. And it was even wrapped into a yarn cake. No assembly required!

Now that’s service!

Way to go guys – I knew I loved ya for a reason (besides the fact that you’re from Nova Scotia!)

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