Noro makes anything look good

I was stuck at home on Thursday with no hydro (apparently someone found out the hard way that in a contest between a car and a hydro pole, the pole will always win). The power went out around 10 in the morning and didn’t come on until late afternoon. I was scheduled for a work from home day, but I couldn’t do anything (as a webmaster I kinda need power….) so I decided to just book it off as a vacation day.

I went stash diving and found a lone ball of Noro Kuryeon Sock yarn waiting for me. I whipped up this fast 1/2 granny square cowl. Originally I was going to make a scarf, but there wasn’t enough yardage. So I made it as long as I thought I could, then did a few rows of granny stitch, a couple of single crochet, and then one of reverse single crochet (crab stitch) to finish it off. It slips over your head and is light enough to wear as an accessory to the office.

Forgive the crappy photography, but it’s a day off work and I didn’t feel like putting on grownup clothes, doing my hair and make up for a photo session.

Materials: Noro Kuryeon
Hook 3.0mm
Pattern: none – just winged it.